10th March was the launch date for v2 of our successful Inspection App.

Functionality built into the main database:

What's New
Main Changes to system:

  • Creation of facility types
  • Sites now allocated to facilities
  • Equipment items now allocated to facility types
  • Standard findings allocated to facility types
  • Standard findings displayed relevant to facility type
  • Standard findings allocated to finding type (i.e. maintenance, vandalism etc.)
  • Updates to defect tracking now allow findings to be tracked from the date created through to completion, 'completing' a defect will now close all associated entries in the database
  • Finding types added to App
  • Compliance findings only visible to Annual Inspectors on App
  • Filter by groups on App
  • New findings screen on App showing both the item and the defect
  • Add to Facility type on App

New group categories:

  • Organisation Groups (i.e. town, parish, housing parks etc.)
  • Inspection Routes (sites can be sorted into the same order as they are inspected)
  • Sites groups (allows several playgrounds in a large park to be grouped together)
  • Sites can belong to any number of groups